From milks and creams to foams, balms and gels, there are many different types of face washes, each with their own key characteristics. Keep reading to discover their benefits and find the best facial cleanser for your skin type.

The Different Types Of Cleanser

Cleansing Balm 

With an oil-based formula, cleansing balms help to remove make-up, impurities, SPF, and excess oils – making them the perfect first step of an evening double cleansing routine.  

Cleansing balms have a butter-like texture that melts into the skin like an oil. 

Milk Or Cream Cleanser 

Infused with hydrating ingredients (such as nourishing oils and butters), milk and cream cleansers have lightweight, gentle and silky smooth that help to purify, soften and increase skin’s suppleness without stripping away moisture.

They’re suitable for all skin types, but are some of the best cleansers for dry skin. 

Foaming Facial Cleanser 

Deeply cleansing and purifying, a foaming facial cleanser creates a foamy lather to help remove excess sebum, make-up and impurities without stripping the skin of its essential, healthy oils. Always look out for sulphate-free foaming cleansers. 

Foaming facial cleansers are particularly beneficial for oily and combination skin.  

Clay Cleanser  

Blending detoxifying and purifying ingredients, a clay cleanser has a thick, rich and pore unclogging formula that removes pollutants to gently cleanse and purify the skin. 

It can work wonders on blemish-prone skin.  

Exfoliating Face Wash 

Offering a deeper cleanse than a traditional face wash (yet still suitable for daily use), an exfoliating face wash blends exfoliating particles with purifying and non-stripping ingredients to cleanse the skin, while stimulating cell renewal.

It’s ideal for dull, lacklustre skin.  

Micellar Water 

Micellar water is made of groups of “micelles”, microscopical molecules made from oil and water. They act like magnets, gently lifting away make-up, impurities and pollutants to leave skin feeling clean and refreshed.  

Like a cleansing balm, micellar water is suitable for all skin types and can be used as the first step of a double cleansing routine. Apply onto a cotton pad, then sweep over the skin. There’s no need to rinse.

How To Cleanse Skin

In The Morning 

The morning cleanse removes the impurities that have settled onto the skin overnight, as well as the product residue from your evening routine.  

Massage your chosen facial cleanser into the skin for roughly 30 seconds, rinse with warm water or a damp facial mitt, then dry. Follow with a toner of essence, serum, day cream, and SPF. 

In The Evening 

In the evening, it’s important to double cleanse. While the first wash removes make-up, SPF and impurities from the skin’s surface, the second targets specific concerns. 

For best results, cleanse first with an oily balm or micellar water, then with the best facial cleanser for your skin type. Follow with a toner of essence, serum or treatment, and night cream. 

The Best Facial Cleansers

  1. Thermal Cleansing Balm
    A cleansing balm suitable for all skin types. 

    Harnessing the transformative powers of Hungarian Moor mud to gently cleanse the skin, draw out impurities and remove make-up (including waterproof mascara), this cleansing balm is the perfect first step of a double cleansing routine.  

    Using circular motions, massage a small amount into dry skin. Then, remove using a warm, damp face cloth for skin that feels clean, hydrated and soft. 

  2. Peachy Micellar Cleanser
    A micellar water suitable for all skin types. 

    Soaked in a natural micellar solution, these peach-scented cleansing discs gently sweep away make-up and impurities in just one use. 

    Sweep over the eyes, face and neck as the first step of an evening double cleansing ritual to leave skin feeling purified and fresh. There’s no need to rinse. 

  3. Cleansing Foam
    The best cleanser for oily and combination skin. 

    This foaming facial cleanser boasts a purifying and refreshing sulphate-free formula that removes all make-up and impurities without stripping skin of its healthy oils. 

    In the morning or as the second step of an evening double cleanse, massage a pearl-sized amount into a damp face, then rinse to leave skin feeling clean and balanced.  

  4. Cashmere Cleanser
    The best cleanser for dry skin. 

    Formulated with shea butter, calendula oil and apricot kernel oil, this cleanser for dry skin gently removes impurities and daily grime without stripping the skin of its natural, healthy oils. 

    Massage into damp skin as the first step of a morning skincare routine or as the second step of an evening double cleanse. Then, rinse to reveal a smoother, softer and comforted complexion. 

  5. Gentle Buffing Gelée
    A brightening cleanser for dull skin. 

    Perfect for the first step of a morning skincare routine, or the second step of an evening double cleanse, this brightening face wash blends exfoliating luffa particles and citric acid with pollution combatting purifying moringa seed peptides to remove dead cells from the skin’s surface and encourage cell renewal.  

    Massage into damp skin using circular motions, then rinse with warm water or a damp facial mitt to reveal a smooth, soft and refreshed-looking complexion.

  6. Moor Cream Cleanser
    The best cleanser for blemishes and imperfection-prone skin.  

    Combining the power of transformative Hungarian Moor mud with essential oils, our Moor Cream Cleanser helps to keep pores healthy, reducing breakouts and imperfections for clearer-looking skin.  

    In the morning or as the second step of an evening double cleanse, massage a pea-sized amount into damp skin using circular motions. Then, rinse with warm water or remove with a damp facial mitt. 

  7. Queen Cleanser
    A soothing cream cleanser suitable for all skin types.

    This soothing cream cleanser is suitable for all skin types and uses a unique blend of nutrients to deeply nourish the skin. Harnessing the power of Vitamin E-rich evening primrose oil, linseed oil and calendula extract, the Omorovicza Queen Cleanser helps to protect cell integrity, restore suppleness and promote hydration, while lending the skin a soft appearance. 

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