The Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Collection is a beauty moment suspended in time, created to delight the senses, and inspired by traditional rituals. We have combined the most indulgent textures and scents with true skincare efficacy in products that perfect your skin instantly and over time.

Featuring a gentle, deeply nourishing cream cleanser and a multipurpose, hydration-boosting day cream, the Queen of Hungary Collection is the perfect addition to your skincare ritual. Read on to discover the unique benefits of the collection and how to use it for optimal results.

What Is Omorovicza’s Queen of Hungary Collection?  

Inspired by traditional rituals, the Queen of Hungary Collection combines indulgent scents and textures in two products designed to perfect skin instantly and over time.  

  1. The Queen Cleanser, a beautifying and hydrating cream cleanser, washes away pollutants and impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils.  
  2. The innovative Queen Cream is a day cream that doubles as a primer, making it the perfect base for makeup. It nourishes the skin, smooths the complexion and protects from pollutants. 

Perfectly partnered with our cult classic Queen of Hungary Mist, Omorovicza’s Queen of Hungary Collection is the indulgent beauty moment you deserve. 

About The Omorovicza Queen Cleanser 

Inspired by nostalgic cold cream rituals, the Queen Cleanser’s rich, creamy formula provides a gentle and deep cleansing experience, while comforting the skin and encouraging an even glow.  

An Indulgent Cream Cleanser  

This soothing cream cleanser is suitable for all skin types and uses a unique blend of nutrients to deeply nourish the skin.  

Harnessing the power of Vitamin E-rich evening primrose oil, linseed oil and calendula extract, the Omorovicza Queen Cleanser helps to protect cell integrity, restore suppleness and promote hydration, while lending the skin a soft appearance. 

About The Omorovicza Queen Cream  

A one-of-a-kind balm-like day cream, the Queen Cream is a true hybrid product, rejuvenating, priming and protecting the skin in one efficient, nourishing step.  

A Hybrid Moisturiser And Primer 

Urban-shielding microalgae defend against environmental aggressors by strengthening the skin barrier and increasing cellular longevity. This day cream helps to prevent irritation and premature ageing caused by environmental aggressors, instead soothing the skin for a deeply nourished, radiant-looking complexion.  

A hybrid moisturiser and primer, the Omorovicza Queen Cream contains natural blurring agents that smooth the skin for a perfected, soft-touch appearance, priming for make-up.  


How to Use the Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Collection  

The essential foundations of your skincare routine, the Queen of Hungary Collection is designed for daily use. Below, we share the perfect routine to enjoy all of the benefits the Queen of Hungary Collection has to offer.  


Rich and velvety in texture, the Queen Cleanser offers an indulgent cleansing experience suitable for morning and evening use. Apply a generous amount to dry or damp skin and massage in circular motions for two minutes. Rinse well with warm water or remove with a cloth or mitt.


The perfect companion to the Queen of Hungary Collection, our iconic Queen of Hungary Mist is the ideal toner for everyday use. Designed to lift the spirits and prepare the skin for further nourishment, spritz the Queen of Hungary Mist evenly over cleansed skin.


To target puffiness and dark circles, the arnica-rich Reviving Eye Cream soothes tired eyes for a brighter-looking complexion. Apply to the eye area with the ring finger to reduce drag on the skin.


Enriched with hyaluronic acid and narcissus stem cells, our Instant Perfecting Serum rejuvenates skin, providing a refreshing glow. Apply to cleansed skin morning or evening.

Moisturise and Prime: 

A great moisturizer for dry skin, our Queen Cream is the perfect day cream for even the most sensitive of skin types, working to both prime and provide lasting hydration. Warm a small amount between the fingertips, then apply evenly to the face. This melting-balm only requires a small amount for optimal hydration.

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For radiant-looking skin that feels nourished, shop the Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Collection.

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