Hungarian Moor Mud has been recognised for its remarkable skincare benefits for centuries. This unique ingredient, derived from the bed of Europe’s largest thermal lake, Lake Héviz, is the cornerstone of Omorovicza’s iconic Moor Mud Collection. But what exactly is Hungarian Moor Mud, and why is it so beneficial for your skin? Read on to discover its secrets and how it can transform your skincare routine.

What is Hungarian Moor Mud?

Located in South-West Hungary, Lake Héviz is the largest thermal lake in Europe. Beneath its surface lies a thick layer of glistening black mud, known as Hungarian moor mud. This mineral-rich mud is extracted and utilized for its exceptional curative properties, forming the foundation of our Moor Mud Collection.

The Ancient Origins of Moor Mud’s Benefits 

The benefits of Hungarian Moor Mud were first recognised thousands of years ago by the Romans, who noticed that the wounds of their injured horses healed more quickly when the animals passed through the mineral-rich mud. This early discovery highlighted the powerful healing properties of the mud, paving the way for its modern-day application in skincare.

Key Benefits of Moor Mud in Skincare 

Hungarian Moor Mud is renowned for its unique blend of minerals, trace elements, and acids, which work together to purify and re-balance the skin. Here are some of its key benefits in skincare: 

Healing Powers: Rich in calcium and magnesium, Moor Mud helps to treat damaged skin. These minerals support skin repair and regeneration, promoting a healthier complexion. 

Detoxifying and Purifying: The presence of humic and fulvic acids in the mud provides a deep cleanse, detoxifying the skin and removing impurities. This results in a clearer, more radiant complexion. 

Balancing Sebum Production: Regular use of Moor Mud helps balance sebum production, reducing breakouts and evening out skin tone. It’s particularly beneficial for those dealing with oily or combination skin. 

Anti-Ageing Properties: Moor Mud can help tackle early signs of ageing, thanks to its nourishing and revitalising properties. It leaves skin looking refreshed and youthful. 

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Can I Use Moor Mud Products on Dry Skin? 

Hungarian Moor Mud is incredibly rich in minerals that nourish and hydrate the skin. It’s suitable for all skin types, including dry skin, leaving your complexion refreshed and revitalised. Incorporating Hungarian Moor Mud into your skincare routine can transform your skin, offering deep purification, balanced hydration, and rejuvenation. 

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The Mud Moor Collection

Our Moor Mud Collection harnesses the transformative powers of Hungarian Moor Mud

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