A skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective and feel luxurious.

At Omorovicza, we believe in high quality, sophisticated products that can be used in a minimalist skincare regime.

Read on to discover the benefits of skinimalism and leave your complexion feeling rejuvenated and refreshed with our simple skincare routine.

What Is Skinimalism?

Skinimalism is about taking a minimalist approach to skincare. It centres on stripping back to the skin essentials and understanding what your skin needs in order to maximize its potential. A minimalist skincare routine focuses on fewer steps using multitasking products to help reclaim a radiant-looking complexion.

Benefits Of A Minimalist Skincare Routine

Many people overcomplicate their skincare regimes, causing more damage by disrupting the skin’s barrier function. Scaling back to a minimalist skincare routine has many benefits for you and your skin:

  • Allows the focus to be on sophisticated formulations instead of multiple steps.
  • Reduces the chance of skin irritation and skin barrier disruption.
  • Helps to improve skin health.
  • Ideal for skincare beginners or those with sensitive skin.
  • Avoids overwhelming and overstimulating the skin.
  • Time-effective and perfect for travelling.

Simple Skincare Routine

Our stripped-back simple skincare routine focuses on three core steps: cleanse, treat and moisturise. Follow our guide to a minimalist skincare routine with this easy three-step ritual to enhance the natural complexion.

  1. Step 1: Cleanse the skin
  2. Step 2: Treat with serum
  3. Step 3: Moisturise skin

Step 1: Cleanse The Skin

Cleansing is an essential first step in a minimalist routine to keep skin looking radiant and healthy. It clears dirt and oil from pores and washes away impurities on the skin’s surface.

Omorovicza’s Gentle Buffing Gelée is the ideal daily cleanser to use as part of a simple morning skincare routine. Striking the right balance between a thorough exfoliation and a gentle cleanse, it removes impurities while buffing away dead skin cells, leaving skin smooth with a refreshed natural glow.

This brightening cleanser uses red algae extract, citric acid, and moringa seed peptide to provide antioxidant defense and protect the skin against environmental aggressors.

Massage into damp skin, then rinse with plenty of water or a warm cleansing mitt.

In the evening, we recommend creating an indulgent cleansing experience with the Queen Cleanser. Inspired by nostalgic cold cream rituals, this beautifying, hydrating cream cleanser washes away pollutants and impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Powered by a unique blend of nutrients, it deeply nourishes and provides an extra boost of hydration.

Massage into dry or damp skin for two minutes, then rinse well with warm water or a mitt.

Expert Tip: We recommend using the thermal cleansing balm as the first step of a double cleanse, particularly for those who wear makeup or SPF, or are regularly exposed to pollution or prone to breakouts.

Omorovicza Omorovicza
A bottle of Omorovicza Midnight Renewal 30ml A bottle of Omorovicza Midnight Renewal 30ml

Step 2: Treat with Serum

Using a serum with a powerful active or key ingredient is crucial in a minimalist skincare regime.

We recommend using our Midnight Renewal every evening as part of your simple night skin routine. This night-time serum boasts a powerful blend of retinal, microalgae and polyglutamic acid to instantly boost the complexion and restore skin’s youthful vitality. It helps to repair skin overnight, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and restore the natural circadian rhythm.

Apply to the face and décolletage after cleansing.

Expert Tip: This night serum plumps the appearance of skin and delivers deep hydration into the epidermis. You can finish your night time skincare with this serum and skip moisturiser if your skin doesn’t need it.

Step 3: Moisturise Skin

Moisturiser is the final step in our minimalist skincare ritual to lock in hydration and keep the complexion feeling soft and supple.

We recommend using a skin-protecting moisturiser every day as part of your minimalist morning ritual, like the Omorovicza Cushioning Day Cream. This rejuvenating hero visibly plumps and firms the skin, while reinforcing its natural barrier function to cushion against aggressors. It instantly delivers deep nutrition with a featherlight feel, making it our best daily moisturiser for all skin types.

Apply evenly to the face and neck in the morning as the last step in your simple skincare routine.

For those who wear makeup, opt for the innovative Queen Cream. This one-of-a-kind hybrid day cream restores, primes and protects the skin. With a blend of nutrient-rich oils and microalgae, it forms an active veil of restorative comfort and environmental protection. Its natural blurring agents smooth the complexion, creating the ideal canvas for makeup.

Warm a small amount between the fingertips and apply evenly to the face.

The best night cream for a minimalist skincare routine, the Instant Plumping Cream delivers hydration deep into the skin. Micro-spheres filled with hyaluronic acid work to plump fine lines and support a more youthful-looking complexion, while omega-6 ceramide helps to replenish dry skin by strengthening the skin barrier.

Apply evenly to the face and neck after cleansing.

Expert Tip: This plumping night cream also doubles as an overnight mask so you can awaken to a firmer, more radiant-looking complexion. Apply a generous amount as the final step of your evening skincare ritual.

Omorovicza Omorovicza

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A simple skincare routine provides your skin with the nourishment it needs for a glowing, healthy complexion. Follow the steps in this guide to create your own minimalist skincare ritual.

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