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Omorovicza’s latest launch, Even Tone, joins the Hydro-Mineral Collection. This daily face serum corrects skin from within by taking a universal approach to skin correction that targets all causes of unevenness, from hyperpigmentation to blemish marks.

Discover everything you need to know about Even Tone including how it works, when to use it, and why it’s our best product for uneven skin tone.

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What Is Even Tone?

We all notice imperfections that we want to even out with make-up including hyperpigmentation, blemish scars, age spots, sun damage, or uneven texture. Many treatments targeting uneven skin tone tend to sensitize skin, creating a new concern by solving another. Even tone corrects skin from within to reset your complexion to an even canvas, without irritation.

This face serum targets all causes of unevenness and skin texture whilst revealing an instant glow. Highly efficacious and potent, the formula refreshes and soothes the complexion, making it a serum you’ll look forward to applying every morning. It’s clinically proven to even skin tone in 100% of panellists in 28 days*.

How Does Even Tone Work?

Formulated with a unique and powerful cocktail of amber microalgae, gentle acids, and niacinamide, Even Tone fights off uneven pigmentation, texture, and imperfections.

Reduces Hyperpigmentation

Amber microalgae is Even Tone’s hero ingredient that corrects hyperpigmentation and age spots. A smart melanin modulator, it is only active in areas where melanin is irregular, without an overall lightening effect, thus preserving natural skin tone.

Smooths Skin Texture

Mandelic and gluconic acids gently exfoliate and stimulate cellular turnover, resurfacing skin texture to smooth the complexion. These gentle and non-irritating acids make Even Tone suitable for daytime use and sensitive skin.

Corrects Unevenness of Tone

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), diminishes signs of past and current imperfections by reducing post-blemish discolouration, redness, or dark spots. By balancing sebum production, it also helps to reduce pore size and clear the complexion.

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Who Is Omorovicza’s Even Tone For?

Even tone is mindfully formulated for all skin tones and types, including sensitive skin. This gentle and effective serum corrects skin tone without irritation. The microalgae used in Even Tone doesn’t have an overall lightening effect, making it ideal for darker skin tones.

Suitable for those noticing unevenness of the skin, caused by:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Age spots
  • Sun damage
  • Previous blemishes
  • Visible pores
  • Discolouration
  • Uneven texture
Even tone displayed in models hand Another hand is touching the top of the bottle.
Even tone displayed in models hand Another hand is touching the top of the bottle.

How To Use Omorovicza’s Even Tone

Discover how to use Omorovicza’s Even Tone and get optimal results with our four-step routine for an even complexion.

Step One: Cleanse

Smooth your base with a thorough cleanse and exfoliation using the Gentle Buffing Gelée. Infused with natural luffa particles, a small amount massaged to damp skin sloughs away dead skin cells and imperfections to leave skin smooth and refreshed.

Step Two: Essence

Prep your skin with a few drops of Omoressence to maximise the efficacy of your serum and moisturiser. Combining a potent mix of hyaluronic acid and amino acids, this essence hydrates and balances skin, while enhancing its ability to absorb actives from your skincare routine.

Step Three: Serum

Apply a couple of drops of Even Tone to the face and neck to correct skin from within. This serum is gentle with the skin, highly efficacious, and a pleasure to apply. Its powerful and corrective actives are suitable for daily morning or evening use and won’t cause irritation.

Step Four: Moisturise

Our best moisturiser for all skin types, Cushioning Day Cream firms and plumps the complexion while cushioning against aggressors, providing added protection to preserve an even complexion. A wonderful texture paradox, this fast-absorbing buttery cream locks in intense, long-lasting moisture and delivers deep nutrition with a featherlight feel.

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